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Is It Time to Reconsider Your Fees?
by Chris King

I was delighted with my freelance living in 2007. Others were telling me what a "bad year" it was for them - less work, less money, and hard times. With my "portfolio career" of seven different part-time careers, I was always busy and making enough money to cover expenses - so busy that I even quit one of my part-time jobs. I enjoyed everything I did and everyday so much that I felt like a success.

That was until the woman who prepares my taxes pointed out that, on paper, I had not made a profit - again. This happened because with all of the different careers, I spent most of what I earned on business expenses. She correctly pointed out that it is time for me to make a profit - and not by reducing my expenses, but by increasing my fees.


Be Careful What You Wish For. . . You Will Probably Get It!
by Chris King

Proponents of goal setting and self improvement methods tell us that, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, we can achieve." The good news is that this is true - of course, we don't just wish for it, we need to set goals and work at achieving our dream.

Right? Well, mostly right. I am going to share some stories with you in this article that illustrate that if we wish hard enough, or vocally enough, for something to happen it often does happen. I strongly believe that there are forces working in our favor, so be careful what you wish for.


How to Enjoy and Use the Benefits of Teaching
by Chris King

A wise person once told me that if I wanted to learn something, I should teach it. Stephen Covey, one of my favorite gurus, also suggests that the way to internalize an idea, habit/ principle is to share it with someone else. I was reminded of this idea just this week as I read a past March issue of the makes-you-really-think magazine, Fast Company.

Harriet Rubin in her article "The Trouble with Mentors" writes, "Advice is overrated. Before you learn what others know, you need to learn what you know.


Marketing 101 for Independent Professionals, Free Agents, and Freelancers
by Chris King

Those of us who enjoy the flexibility, variety, and excitement of freelance living still have to be concerned with marketing our services. Even when we have a big job, or several jobs with regular clients, we still need to work on letting potential clients know what we can do to help them with their needs and problems.

No matter how excellent we are at the services we perform, unless others know about us and hire us, we may find that our freelance living loses some of the luster as our finances dwindle.


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Hot News:

A brand new FREE eclectic e-newsletter, Career Success Planning, is on the way. I will be contacting former sbscribers to Portfolio Potpourri and all who have taken the Portfolio Career Self Test to subscribe to the new FREE e-newsletter. Use the form below to sign up!

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We never sell names and/or e-mail addresses, and if you ever wish to "opt-out" that's not a problem.

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