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How to Get Started as a Professional Storyteller
by Chris King

As all skilled professionals, professional storytellers make telling stories to an audience appear easy and fun. Perhaps you have attended a storytelling festival or concert and thought, "I could do that. I love telling stories!" Perhaps you already tell stories as a parent, scout leader, teacher, librarian, speaker, or business leader and are wondering how to take your storytelling to a professional level. Perhaps you didn’t realize that there are professional storytellers making an excellent living doing what they do and loving every minute of it. In this article I will share ideas and excerpts from my e-book, How to Get Started as a Professional Storyteller

It is impossible to describe a typical, professional storyteller. Storytellers appear in all guises — a wide range of ages, shapes, sizes, and from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. They tell stories to all age groups from pre-school to senior citizens, with families in between. Storytellers tell (not read) a variety of stories from parables, to traditional folk and fairy tales, to urban tales, to personal stories, to original stories, to business stories.


How to Prepare for and Handle Common Storytelling Challenges
by Chris King

As you become known as a storyteller in your area, you will start to get phone calls asking you to tell at various events, gatherings, schools, and libraries. You are eager to tell the stories you have been working on and delighted to get the phone calls. But, before you say yes, there are questions you should ask about the venues and once you are telling, there are other challenges that pop up and can destroy your performance. In this article, I discuss some of these common challenges.

Be sure to establish where you will be telling. I mentioned this in one of my earlier articles, but it is worth mentioning again. You will get many calls where the group calling wants you to tell stories outside or in a large open space — possibly at a fair or festival, at a busy shopping mall, a museum, or often around a campfire.


The Story of Becoming a Storyteller
by Faye Hanson

When I first discovered that there was such a job as storyteller, I was 30-something and enrolled in teacher school in St. Louis (home to a warm and wonderful group of tellers). As I finished my teaching degree, I focused more and more on classroom applications of storytelling and saw first-hand the results on student motivation and achievement. Before I even graduated I knew that storytelling was my calling.

SO I MADE A PLAN. Unlike many artists, I have a strong background in business planning. I knew that my bread and butter as a teller would come from schools and libraries, so it was important to finish my degree.

(I later earned my masters in Reading — with an emphasis on the connection between oral language and the development of reading and writing skills).


How to Enliven Your Community / Neighborhood with Storytelling
by Chris King

When we know someone’s story, we can’t help but like them. It doesn’t matter what ethnic, cultural, or material differences we have, we all have stories in common. In days gone by, we sat on porches telling and listening to stories. We shared backyard picnics that were enhanced by the stories shared. Today, I don’t see many people telling stories on their porches, which is a shame. But we can enliven our communities and neighborhoods by forming storytelling groups. Here are some suggestions:

Start with your neighborhood association or block club. If you belong to a community group, you can suggest that people who would like to listen to and tell stories come early.


Use the Power of the Pause to Strengthen Your Storytelling
by Chris King

When we are telling stories to a group, and especially as a newer storyteller, one of the most difficult techniques to master is the use of the pause. Even in everyday conversation, most people have a problem with silence. Somehow we feel we must always fill a space with words. And yet silence and a pause during the telling of a story not only enhances the audience’s understanding of the story, it also builds anticipation. In this article I discuss the whys and how of using pauses to strengthen your storytelling.

Begin with silence. It takes “guts” to stand in front of an audience after being introduced without saying something immediately, but this can prove to be one of the strongest ways to get their attention and to create rapport.


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A brand new FREE eclectic e-newsletter, Career Success Planning, is on the way. I will be contacting former sbscribers to Portfolio Potpourri and all who have taken the Portfolio Career Self Test to subscribe to the new FREE e-newsletter. Use the form below to sign up!

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